Finding God At


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Micky Zartman, with husband Prof. David Zartman, were gracious hosts to many students and professors over the years.

Claremont Professor, Mary Poplin, speaks at the Ohio State faculty club on what she learned from Mother Teresa, based on Mary's book, "Finding Calcutta."

Friends in the Graduate Student Christian Fellowship (led by Bob Trube, Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship)

Faculty ministry leader with Inter Varsity, Howard Van Cleave, left.

Veritas planning friends, Ohio State University. L to R: David and Kelly Kullberg, Allison Brooks, Jack Chapin, Micky Zartman, Mike Mattes, David Zartman, Ben Witherington (speaker), Stephanie, Julie De Lavergne, Howard Van Cleave.

Ancient historian, Prof. Ben Witherington, on the historicity of the New Testament at an Ohio State Veritas Forum.

Veritas volunteer, David Kullberg.


Mirror Lake, Ohio State University.