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Finding God at Harvard


about Finding God At Harvard

As the catalyst for FINDING GOD AT™, Finding God at Harvard: Spiritual Journeys of Thinking Christians was published in 1996, quickly becoming a Boston Globe Bestseller and CBA ‘Book of the Year.’ Finding God at Harvard is the powerful collection of testimonies by a symphonic witness of forty Harvard students, alumni, professors and guest speakers, among others, Mother Teresa, Lamin Sanneh, Robert Coles, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Charles Malik, (edited by Kelly Monroe Kullberg). Co-authors describe with heart and mind, how from cultures and religious traditions in various disciplines, each was found by the love of God in Jesus Christ. A sophomore dying of bone cancer. A Pulitzer Prize winner led to faith by a 7-yr old girl named Ruby Bridges. An ethics professor who "only lived to see my name in The New York Times," committing adultery, addicted to drugs, found by God in Christ.

A decade later, Finding God Beyond Harvard: the Quest for Veritas emerged under the hand of author and Veritas founder Kelly Monroe Kullberg. Finding God Beyond Harvard is Kelly's own story of wonder, redemptive suffering, and adventures of friends creating Veritas Forums around the world.

about Finding God At™

Kelly Monroe Kullberg is now coming alongside kindred spirits in other universities and countries who are either translating FG@H, FGBH, or, even better, Kelly believes, creating their own indigenous collections in print—believers from various cultures and disciplines becoming a symphony of faith, revealing the truth, beauty and goodness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our most secular and hurting incubators of cultural leadership, universities. Christians creating a light so lovely others are drawn.

Welcome to the journeys of friends from Berkeley and Hopkins, Yale and Oxford, Sweden and Korea. We'll post many stories on Some eventually available as books, and many online as our community grows.